A few more personal purchases

I nearly forgot! Some time ago, I had ordered some other Spidey suits. I now have the black one (which you see me in here, getting saran wrapped in it, actually!), and two more “classic” red and blue suits, with removable feet… so that Spidey can get foot tortured, if need be. Truthfully, I got two of them because one may actually serve as a Halloween costume one day, and I wanted to put some sort of shoe in the feet so that I could walk around outside. But the other is purely for Spidey foot fetish play. Can’t wait!

Also, for a birthday gift (which was a long time ago… see, I told you I had to catch up), my BF is getting me subscriptions to Hero In Trouble, Bondage Jeopardy, and Bound Guys. I’m too busy to use them now, so I’ve opted to play with them over the upcoming Winter Break, when I have loads of free time. And probably lots of other kinds of loads, too…

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