De_md2 contribution, sexy stories

So on a whim, I bid on an eBay item of a metallic Venom lycra. And it turns out I won it with a minimum bid! So there may be one more costume getting added to the collection. And there may be one more later, so stay tuned.

My BF’s currently out of town for a week (although he’s returning Friday), but before he left, he really did a pretty hot CBT session on me. He pulled up my legs in a sling style, and put clothespins all over my cock, balls, and my favorite turn on spot, that patch of skin between the balls and asshole. He actually managed to squeeze 5 pins there. For some reason, clothespins there really get me super hard! If I ever create an Uncensored Gallery, I’ll be sure to post it.

As always, I love getting pics from fans, especially when the feet are hot and bound! The next pics are no exception. He’s contributed before, and he’s back again to show us all his amazingly tender, tortured, and tied feet of his! If you like the pics, be sure to see the videos. His growing collection, which include vids of most of the photo sets you see below, can be found at:

Later, these will be archived at my website, where you can see more of his work! Enjoy!

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