Mainstream stores are feeding my fetish

When you can find underwear like this at Target, you know it’s God’s way of telling you that it’s okay to dress as Spiderman and get tied up. Right?

For the record, they had Batman, too. No Robin, though… nothing’s ever perfect.

I have to say, I’m a “tighty whity” kind of guy, so this is right up my alley; they’re really comfortable. BTW, one of my next web updates will have pics with me wearing them! So keep your eyes peeled!

On a side note, I wore my “Spiderman in Bondage” shirt out for errands the other day. It’s so hot to wear, knowing that I’m secretly telling the whole world publicly what turns me on, yet still be able to keep it mainstream. Well, this latino twink at the checkout at a local Target store (different occasion as above) stared at my shirt for quite a while, and remarked, “Dang, Spiderman’s all wrapped up.” I had to bite my tongue to reply, “Would you like to join him?” 🙂

On another note, my BF is finally back from a week long business trip. We finally got to play, he used the neoprene sleepsack on me. On a whim, we tried something simple, but effective–lacing it from the top down, using the excess rope to wrap up my ankles and feet more. Doesn’t sound like much, but it did have quite a different feel (especially since our particular sleepsack is a bit loose in the ankles and feet already, so this really tied it off). Also, he double gagged me. First with a leather plug gag, and then with a jock cup filled with one of my unwashed socks. I was going nowhere, able only to moan, smelling my reeking sock. It didn’t take me long to finish, that’s for sure!

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