TFG’s Best of the Decade – YouTube video

This is a tricky one, since YouTube is pretty conservative in taking down some of the hotter videos. But at the same time, that’s what makes it kind of interesting, too… what can be hot enough to the fetish community, but safe enough so that it stays online. It’s a tough line to balance, but I think these videos do it pretty well.

Two Minutes for Thomas
From a homemade (but well produced) torture-style film, this cutie gets seriously abused. No feet, but lots of bondage. This is part 4, and part 5 has some hot bondage, too. A bit nasty in the psychological abuse at times, but good for us bondage bois.

Cannot Be Contained
Cute muscle twink tied and gagged. Well, the gag doesn’t stay on long, which kinda sucks, but he struggles valiantly. And not hard on the eyes! Although maybe hard somewhere else… ahem…

Boy Feet Bondage

Not only drool-worthy feet, but seeing them getting bound is hot bonus.

Showing Off My Feet
Some of the sexiest, smoothest feet I’ve seen.

Short, but very sexy. This blonde twink tastes and sniffs eagerly, and even dives back in for seconds.

Worship My Vans and Smelly Feet

Desired 420 is so fuckin’ sexy. This video was my first encounter with his work, but I later got to see him get spanked in person at Los Angeles pride. Would love to work him over, or have him work me over…

Tribute My Feet
Desired420 again. Since I’m more of a barefoot guy, I’m more into the 2nd half of the video. But his feet and voice make me weak in the knees! I once even caught myself “responding” to him as he ordered me around. Now that’s hot!

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