Favorite sneakers? (and site update)

Well, many people are going back to work today (including my BF)–although I still have one last week of vacation. šŸ˜‰

Since he has to work, I thought I’d do a bit of work and update the site. Added new pics of my sock bound feet, and a very hot set of my chairtied. It’s one of my favorite sets taken of me! Also, a ton of net pics added to Superhero and Tied Feet 2 galleries, so go over and check them out!

And something a bit interactive for the new year. I know this is more of a barefoot blog, but I frequently find myself drawn to pics where a shoe is tied over the face of a bound sub boi. I, myself, often find myself in the same position, so it’s made me look at shoes a bit more.

Personally, I’m a Vans and New Balance fan. Low-rise Converse can be hot, too, especially when worn without socks. (Well, almost any sneaker is made hot if worn without socks.) I know a lot of guys like DC and Nike.

So let’s have some fun! Vote in the poll at the right, and let’s find out what the hottest sneaker is! And since I’m not a sneaker expert, if I forgot a brand, please comment below and let me know, so I can add it in!

Oh, and by the way, my BF and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary this week! Will be taking a short trip out of town.

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