DCH Graphic Art

I’ll be out of town for the weekend, in the chilly midwest (in the middle of their winter storm… and here I am, enjoying flip flop weather).  And then back to work on Monday, assuming my flight doesn’t get delayed.

While I’m gone, don’t forget to vote in the Sneaker poll at the right.  I’ll probably leave it up for the rest of the month, so you still have time.  As I was looking at it more closely, I realized I forgot to include one of my personal favorite brands… New Balance!  Maybe if I do the poll again in the future…

On a side note, I got into a website of computer graphic art that often taps into some very hot fantasies. I think they’re rebuilding right now, so navigation may be a bit awkward, but it’s worth it. Here’s a few samples. They have more “vanilla” related pics too. If you like it, take a look!

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