"Dread" movie

Ah, gotta love LA.  Where else can you see a midnight advance screening of the new, not yet in full release Clive Barker-based horror film?

So last night Sam and I headed off to see Dread, which is based on the Clive Barker short story, from the Books of Blood.  Both Sam and I are Clive Barker fans.

The theater was fairly crowded, and it had been ages since I had been to a midnight screening.  It was fun to be there, and the director and a few cast members were there on hand.

If you are a Clive Barker fan (and this was one of my personal favorite stories of his), you should go see this.  I won’t give away any spoilers, but I will say that they have added to the story and changed things, but still kept the spirit of the story.  That said, you can’t think about the movie too much afterwards… there are a lot of plot holes towards the end.  But a good psychological thriller.

For us fetish people, there’s no good foot shots (I think there is one dark shot towards the end, but you can’t make out much detail), there is one good twinkesque chest and butt shot, and one guy does get tied to a non-functional radiator with cable ties (but also tortured somewhat grimly).  Just so you all know.

A sexy post next time.  🙂

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