New Toys, Site Update, and a Launching a New Blog!!!

Every bondage enthusiast loves getting new toys to play with!  Arriving soon will be a new black PVC bodysuit and a lycra Venom hero/villain costume.  But the newest, most interesting one is my new Spidy Gear cargo bed net.  I ran across this looking for alternatives to the traditional sling, and somehow thought cargo nets could be an interesting option.

Well, I ordered it, and it is a lot of fun!  No, it’s not strong enough to be a sling.  But it does fit quite well on our bondage bed.  It can be spread on the bed matress, or hung vertically with some extra hooks.  Add to this some lycra Spidey outfits, and we’re going to be in business!  Bet you can hardly wait for the pics, huh?  😉

For those of you who would like to try this and would like specifics, I’ll share with you that we have a queen size bed, and ordered the smaller size of the web (it comes in large and small).  We did try the larger, but it was way too big for our bed, and probably would be even for a king size bed–although I suppose it could make a good net for capturing play, if you fantasies lean in that direction.  It stretches, and is fairly tight on the edges, but a bit loose in the center.  Easily attachable and detachable plastic hooks are included.  It comes in various colors, but none were white.  There is a large ring in the middle that could possibly be uncomfortable depending on where it lies, particularly if you are lying on top of it (although we have a very soft mattress, so it wasn’t a problem for me).  A bonus:  by lying underneath it, a certain part of the anatomy may be targeted right through that hole in the center.  Well, it worked for me!

If you have any other questions, comment or email me!  I’m also considering selling the large one I currently own… if you’re interested, let me know.

Onto the site, added pics of my feet,

a few “Unique” additions,

Spidey underwear for the “Special” Gallery,

“TFG Lycra”,

and “TFG Superhero”.

A mostly gear update!  Hope you enjoy it!  Because there’s one more surprise:  I’m starting a new blog!  Captured Heroes just launched, which will now be the blog that will focus on Superhero, Lycra, Wetsuit, and all that other great gear!  In bondage, of course.  It’s still very new, so there isn’t much yet, but I plan for it to grow.  That also means that this blog will focus more on feet, shoes, socks, twinks and bondage.  Although some gear may slip in here and there–sometimes I just can’t resist.  Take a look and let me know what you think!

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