Valentine Update

Had dinner the night before with the BF at a old time (established in 1922–no kidding!) Prime Rib steakhouse that Walt Disney himself used to visit regularly.  The place has this real kitschy feel, like it could be a restaurant in Epcot, except it has that “been around forever” musty feel to it that make it doubly fabulous.  The service was exceptional, and the food was great too.  So that was a nice start.

Saturday, we took a day trip to Palm Springs (which is about a 2 hour drive), just for the hell of it.  Had no real agenda, except to see the Ariel Tramway, which neither of us had done before.  After an agonizing hour sitting in traffic, we got up there with no other real problem, and was actually pretty wowed by the whole experience.  The snow on top was over 4 feet, and it was really a sight.  Not to mention the tram ride itself is a bit of a thrill.

Did some minor shopping (gay and straight), and then stopped by a local Indian Casino on the way home.  Neither of us actually gamble, but we were curios to see it, and were willing to give dinner a try there.  Visited their Asian restaurant, where the ambiance and service we sort of lacking, but the food was pretty good.

It sounds like a short day to recount it now, but it was filled with a lot of experiences.  Glad to have shared them with my honey.  Hopefully later today, the kinky sex element kicks in.  🙂

Back to the sexy posts tomorrow.  But sometimes I want to share my life, too!

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