TFG Update: Spread, Spidey(s) mummified — and a Slave Brett Bonus

My God, it’s March already!  Where does the time go???  Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve updated.  I’m entering my busy season at work, so website updates my become infrequent and small.  But I’m still enjoying keeping the blogs going, so hopefully no worries there!

In any case, first up is a series of me mummified on my upper body, but my legs are spread open, and my feet are saran wrapped to a spreader bar.  Oh, and gagged for good measure.  I can say that feeling my feet wrapped up like that was super sexy!

And two hero lycra updates for you.  First off, the black/symbiote Spidey gets mummified and placed inside a lycra bodytube, dick out for abuse.

Secondly, the traditional Spidey gets saran wrapped and roped down in place, so that he really can’t move a muscle.  Very hot!
Wow, saran wrap seems to be the theme of the day, doesn’t it?  So, if you like those pics, see the full sets at TiedFeetGuy.
And, as an extra bonus, two more pics of slut slave boi Brett.  For me to post our adventures here, I made him cum on his foot and prepare to lick it off.  Fortunately for all of you, he complied.  I hope all of you enjoy these images… he likes thinking about getting showered with your cum, so let him know that you’ve imagined creaming on his virgin face!

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