Interview with Zac!

One of my favorite bondage models is Zac (formerly known as Alan, from TieGuyUSA). We’ve been exchanging emails over the years, and he was even kind enough to do a personal set exclusively for me (see it here and here). Some time ago, he went into retirement.  But he is now returning to the scene!  I thought it was time to ask a few questions to one of the most popular, hottest, and nicest guys fit to be tied!

How old were you when you realized you liked bondage? When I was soo little and cute aww lol around 8 yrs old. I was totally into the ninja turtles and thought April O’Neal was hot. Whenever she got tied I got all excited and wanted to try it so bad!

What was your first bondage experience like? Things were simple and fun back in the day. I can’t remember specifics of how my younger experiences were. I often twisted rope, socks, or ties around my wrists and struggled. I didn’t get into gags until findin’ Captured Guys some years later. That site got me all into male bondage as the guys were like me. I was always tryin’ to be like my friends growin’ up.

Do you like tying up, or getting tied? Bein’ captured & tied for sure but also love showin’ off my tying skills on friends; ha I’m a Libra can’t pin that one down lol!

Do you have any related fetishes (tickling, uniforms, etc.)? I awe for the look of regular guys tied up especially preppy ones aww they’re soo cute! I’m into Hollister, Abercrombie, and other like brands, so whenever I see one wearin’ that tied I get all YAY!  Bein’ tickled and teased is a necessity and I love spanking, pinching, and handgagging while bein’ held down and felt up haha!

What’s your favorite bondage position?  Tight and sexy is all me haha for sure the hogtie position with complex upper body bindings. I love the feeling of my muscles strugglin’ in the tight ropes givin’ me nowhere to go aww. Breakin’ free is also fun I love bein’ tied so hard and somehow Zac still finds himself quite the escape artist haha!

What’s been your hottest bondage experience so far? Was doin’ a TieGuyUSA shoot with my buddy David Barr outside. Outdoor bondage is so much fun! One day he grabbed me from behind and pushed me into the mud gettin’ my pretty boy face and pecs all cold, wet, and dirty! I’m a shaggy Hollister kid at heart and was wearin’ tight jeans, a plain white sexy tee with an unbuttoned brown flannel shirt – man I looked soo cuute and wanted to feel the full kidnapping experience firsthand. Getting’ home it looked I was horrible at football practice lol mud and dirt everywhere ugh! I’m usually a neat freak and stay well dressed like those other silly preppy kids!

Describe your ultimate fantasy that you haven’t done yet. Haha which one to start? Many friends and fans say I look like Zac Efron and seein’ me tied must raise fantasies of him bein’ tied up too like other favorite celebrities we all have. It be a funny story to be kidnapped and mistaken for him lol we’re very similar dudes. I love bein’ tied outside. It be hot to be grabbed alone in the woods and bound to a tree or be hogtied on the ground in some dark basement. I love Bound Guys for their stories they really get me in the mood. I’ve been lucky to live some of these fantasies and would love to try them again. Tryin’ new things is great as long it won’t hurt me.

How often do you tie yourself up? Ha this one’s hard to say. Sometimes it’s every other day or week or month. It all depends on the mood. Balance is key for me, so I wait until I get that urge and it’s very bad lol! Kinda like sex I guess but I’m still a virgin aww

How long does it take you to tie yourself up? Depends how complex I wanna go. Now havin’ friends I like to wait for them cuz that bondage feeling is greater. When playin’ alone usually I’m strugglin’ in no time but if I want a hard upper body tie it may be a while especially when I want pics! I make a hand rope harness to allow myself to set the camera and pose. I get really sweaty when doin’ this haha but it looks like I really struggled 😀

What’s been your most elaborate self-tie? I wore tight Abercrombie jeans and a tight white wife beater Ooooo haha and wanted to bind up my muscled arms and pecs so tightly. It felt SOO HOT and took over an hour to do! I had my ankles and legs bound above and below the knees with my cute little emo shoes on aww lol! My tight shirt was pullin’ up over my belt with my jeans lowered to show off those sexy blue moose boxers yay! My wrists were bound snug behind me but could loosen them to pose on camera. My chest and biceps were wrapped snug with clothesline against all the muscles of the upper and lower chest/arms. Then with patience I squeeze lines under the armpits to pull the bindings firmer against my torso. It didn’t hurt but I wanted to lay that way all freakin’ day! I was gagged with major duct tape round the head with a sock stuffin’ my mouth to shut me up Oooo it didn’t work at all to say the least 🙂

How does self bondage compare to some one else working on you? I rather be tied by a friend than alone. It’s just safer and more fun. It’s like 10:1 when you have a partner, but it’s been fun both ways. However, self bondage is very dangerous. You beginners please keep it simple at first and always have a back up plan to get out. I’ve gotten stuck a couple times and got really scared, and I have years experience.

What’s the most ticklish part of your body? The legs and feet for sure also the abs and lower back. Heck I’m playful all over man!
Zac will be having a new set at Bound Guys, but he sent me a preview pic and permission to post it.  Enjoy, and welcome the return of Zac!

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