Saran Wrap Burn

Sexy storytime!  It’s been a while.

A few nights ago, he mummified me in saran wrap, laying down on the bed on my back.  But he let me legs dangle a bit off the edge.  As it turned out, he tightly tied my balls (basically mummified them!), ran a rope to the canopy bedframe, and wrapped the end around my ankles.  So every time I rested my legs, they’d pull tightly on my balls.  Very hot.

He also left my nipples exposed, and teased, lightly whipped, and clipped them.  Then he ballgagged me, and saran wrapped one of his smelly shoes over my face.  Bound, gagged, and shoe smelling, he jerked off and came all over my chest, which I could feel the creamy heat through the wrapping.  Then he took off the shoe and the gag, and put in a new gag… one that he had covered in his cum.  A new, stinkier shoe went back saran wrapped over my face, and he worked my lubed dick until I shot all over myself.

When it was time to release me, not only was I sweating (he said I was starting to steam up in the wrap), but you know how you can get a rope mark when it’s tied tightly?  Well, believe it or not, but I had saran wrap marks on my chest, arms, and part of my legs.  It was kinda hot.  😉

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