LA Pride, and a Summer Surprise

So this weekend is Pride in Los Angeles. 

To be honest, I’m probably not going this year.  I stopped by last year, and I gotta say that overall, it’s not my thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s there for all.  And we do have a small section called Erotic City were bondage and live kink displays happen… naturally my favorite part of the event!  But it’s way too small to really explore (despite recognizing an online guy I’ve semi lusted after getting bareass spanked before my eyes… that was pretty hot).  And it mostly attracts the “club scene” types, which is not me at all.

Still, it’s great to see community come together.  So let’s still celebrate!

Oh, and the surprise?  Well, it seems I have quite a backlog of pics I want to post.  So for the summer, I’m planning on posting 6 times a week!  Everyday but Sunday… gotta rest sometimes.  😉  Now, please note the key word is planning.  Occasionally, I may find myself otherwise busy or occupied, and I may miss a day or two.  But I will try my best!  So I hope you’ll enjoy a ton of new postings starting next week!

I also may be playing with a new layout… and if I do, it may take some time to get all the current sidebar features up and running.  So be patient.

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