Sunday News

Well, I’m back guys!  Did you miss me?  I doubt it, the posts kept coming the whole time I was gone on vaction this last week!  🙂  But I did have a good time on the trip, and saw some sexy feet in flip flops (though not as many as I’d thought).  I’ll actually be off again in a week, but this time will be a work trip.

Just a quick website update… the site should be down for good around July 9 or so.  If you want to grab any pics, do it now!  I do intend to move most of the pics over here, and many of the net galleries are already… see the page links at the top.  Eventually I’ll move most, if not all, my TFG original galleries here.  And I intend for the domain name to begin pointing here, once I get around to it.

I’ll miss having a website, but it’s a blast to have this blog, and much easier to update.

Oh, and to all my USA buddies, have a great 4th of July!  Hope you enjoy the fireworks..

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