So lately, I’ve been getting turned on by some gunge videos.  Don’t know what gunging is?  It seems to be really big in England, where apparently, it’s on all the TV shows.  It’s basically getting slime poured all over you.  Here in the states, we probably know it best from the kids shows on Nickelodeon (You Can’t Do That On Television, Double Dare, and now Brainsurge). 

It may sound strange at first, but it does have a certain allure.  After all, cum has a pretty slimy feel to it, and it certainly looks hot when squirted on a guys chest or face.  So I take the jump from there to imagining 100s of guys all cumming over me all at once.  Ahem.

I haven’t yet done it with my BF, but I did used to do it back when I was single, and frequently masturbating.  But even then, only with my feet.  I do have to say, smashing food and feeling it cream and gush between my toes was a total turn on, and judging by some YouTube videos, it seems to be catching on in general. My first exposure was this twinkie/jello smashing pic from Toegasms, which I later tried myself (although on a floor, not on a guy, which would be preferred.)

From there, I ran into videos from fastpace66, who often smashes food with his hot, bare feet. If that sounds hot to you at all, definitely check out his YouTube page! But here, he gets a full body gunging.

A food/foot video from another user, footman4562, eating yogurt off his feet.

I actually did my own first body self gunging.  I used cornstarch and water, mixed with some green food coloring (of course).  It felt great being poured over me, but I do have to say that it solidified rather quickly.  A bit of a bummer if I wanted to rub it around a bit (and I did want to).  I tried a second time with pancake batter, and that was much more successful.  I didn’t color it, but I probably will next time.  It was pretty hot.  I want to experiment with it a little more on my own before presenting it to my BF, but I have a feeling it may not be up his alley.  But that’s okay… to be honest, gunging seems best (for me) alone anyway.  Take a look at these self-gungers!

(Note: this first one has no audio.)

The website SplatHQ has a lot of stuff. The guy is so hot!

Okay, so this is not for everybody. But if you were turned on, there’s a social networking site called We Love Gunge that you should check out!

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