I, Worm

So it’s been a bit quiet lately with the BF, sadly, due to our busy work schedules.  But we’re both slowly coming out of work stress, and back to… well, cumming.

Nothing too special last night, but still hot.  He put me in the Neoprene Sleepsack, nice and tight.  Also painfully tied my balls.  Taking control, he straddled me and forced his cock down my throat.  After some of that service, he laid down next to me, pulled me on my side, and had me service his nipples while he stroked himself.  He was grabbing me by the back of my head and ramming my mouth on his nips.  I was struggling to moan and breathe, and felt like a worm only worthy of serving.  When he finally came, he was sure to shoot into my open mouth, which I swallowed thoroughly.

He returned me to my back, found one of my old socks, and inserted it into my jock gag, forcing me to breathe in its fumes.  Struggling and inhaling stale feet, he jerked me off until I shot all over.

Nice, simple, and sexy!  And about time.  😉

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