TFG Stories, Life, and Video Finds

So I’m back from my trip!  Only to find SoCal (that’s Southern California for you non-locals) going through a heat wave.  Did get to see some hot feet and chests on my trip, but only as”candids”–guys flip flopped on the street (and at the airport), and guys with their shirts off mowing the lawn.  Frankly, I was surprised by how much I saw the latter!

Also was a bit of a naughty boy, and I wore basically only one pair of socks the entire time, and even that pair had been worn about a week prior to that.  So they’re pretty stinky, and stiffen when I take them off overnight, all dried and crusty.  Not that I’m complaining!  😉   I also was wearing an older pair of sneaks, and decided to masturbate and cum inside of each of them.  (My BF Sam was not with me on this trip, it was more work-related.)  Believe it or not, I had never actually done that before.  Truth be told, I’m a bit of a nerdy neat freak in my regular daily life, and didn’t want to mess up my shoes like that.  (I know, I have issue.)  But since this was an older pair, I decided to go for it.  And you know, it’s so freakin’ sexy wearing those shoes out, knowing you’re walking on cum with every step.  I highly recommend it!  Although at least in my case, there is a distinct cum smell now mixed in with the natural shoe stank, so if you like you shoe stank “pure”, you may not want to do it.

On a technical side, I’m getting a new computer.  My old one was great, but it was, well, old.  By today’s standards, it was slow.  It was constantly freezing when playing videos, which was driving me up the wall.  Hopefully, the change to a new computer (starting today) won’t be too painful, but if it goes quiet here again, that’ll be why.

Okay, enough about that for now, how about some feet videos?  First off, I’m reposting one of the most popular vids I’ve ever made.  If you like that one, I do have more, my YouTube channel is solebaring.  I also have an Xtube profile as TiedFeetGuy.  Or you can just see my video page link at the top of this blog.

Enough of me… what do you think of me?  🙂  Okay, here’s a few of my other favorite YouTube finds below.   It’s nice to see male feet videos appearing again; for a while, YouTube seemed to be removing them.  But now, there’s lots of hot feet videos… many tied, and all tender!  Enjoy!

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