True Life Reader Story

Dang.  I did once say that I’d only be posting 6 days a week, and would be taking Sunday off.  But somehow, stuff just keeps managing to get posted 7 days a week this summer.   Let’s keep it up, shall we?

I get some great items sent to me sometimes.  Recently, this tidbit got passed along to me.  Sadly, this did not happen to me, but from a hot young slut man I stay in touch with.  It’s short (I’m calling it haiku porn), but somehow still very hot to me:

A threesome. 
I was handgagged by Partner #1, while Parter #2 caressed me and stripped me. 
Thrown onto the bed, a pair of dress socks was used to cleave-gag me while my hands were tied behind my back with a necktie. 
Partner #1 started to blow me as I lay on my back, while Partner #2 massaged my feet and sucked my toes.
I was pulled up, and Partner #2 tied my feet together and forced me into kneeling position.
My gag was pulled out and I sucked off Partner #1 until Partner #2 forced me to suck his toes. 
Partner #1 pushed me onto my back again and held my ankles in the air and proceeded to fuck me.
Partner #2 gagged me with his cock. 
Partner #2 pulled out his cock and re-gagged me with the sock-gag. He then mounted himself onto my cock and let me fuck him. 
The whole ordeal lasted about an hour in total.
Well.  Tennis, anyone?  (;

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