BF Sex

Not to be outdone by the reader story from yesterday, I have a story of my own.  A few of you have been asking how things are with my BF, Sam.  Even though I don’t mention him much here anymore, things are in fact going very well!  He generally prefers to be a more private person, though, so out of respect for that, I don’t mention him too much here.  For the same reason, I don’t post pics of him either.  Although if you need a visual, I personally think he looks a bit like Mark Brunetz from the cable TV show Clean House (who, in fact, is not only very cute, but is openly gay.  And don’t get confused… I’m not saying my boyfriend is Mark Brunetz, just that he looks similar to him.  Although Mark, if you read this blog, write me!  You’re my one of my freebies!).

For those of you who don’t know, Sam has been my partner for over 4 years.  We have both always been into BDSM, but prior to me, he had never had a BF who was also into it.  Sam’s not all that into feet, but he knows I am, and will often do his best to get his feet smelly, and will nearly always abuse me with his feet, socks, or shoes.  So he’s a pretty great guy!  He also puts up with my lycra interests.  Again, he’s not all that into it, but he is a bit of a comic geek, so he can understand it, and enjoys it because he knows I do!

Anyway, I do occasionally share our sexy times, and this is one of those occasions.  Recently, I tied him upright to a chair, hands behind him, feet to the legs of the chair.  A fairly traditional chairtie.  I put some nip suckers on him, and teased them quite a bit (Sam loves his nip play, and I love accommodating him on that).  I sucked on him for a bit, and teased his nipples.  After some time of this, he asked if he could try to escape.  I said yes.  I watched him struggle for a bit.  He eventually got his hands free.  But the real fun began when I stood on the chair, thrust my dick in his mouth, and forced him to suck me.  And I proceeded to tell him that my cock would be in his mouth when he came.  I wanted to hear him gag and moan on my dick, and I further ordered that my dick wouldn’t be leaving his mouth until he shot all over himself.  I do have to say, I stayed in his mouth for a while, and my dick was quite wet by the time it was all over.

For me, I wore my Spidey lycra, but without the hood.  He put leather restraints on me and hogtied them together with various metal and leather clips.  It was quite tight for it’s simplicity.  He then ballgagged me, and found a pair of socks I had worn for about two weeks.  They were dirty, smelly, and crusty… very hot!  He sat behind me and hand forced the sock over my nose and face while he grabbed my dick, first playing with it from underneath the costume, and then finally unzipping the crotch, pulling me out, and jerking me off with the rancid sock still over my nose.  The fumes were nearly overpowering.  I shot quickly, and in a fairly large amount.  Sometimes the simple plays are still the best!

Well, as if this update hasn’t been wordy enough, I also thought I’d announce that after nearly 3 years of promising, I’m now ready to begin uploading some old classic videos of my tied and abused feet that I shot when my website was still relatively young.  (This is the benefit to having a new computer that can finally handle video editing, and why it’s taken so long–my old computer just crashed or went so ungodly slow, editing videos was basically impossible.)  Some of the tamer stuff I may upload to YouTube, and the nastier stuff to my XTube account.  Look for it in the future!

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