Full Bodied

Nice to look at, from head to toes.  Something you’d want to hump for hump day!

While we’re on the topic of twinks… if any of you enjoy looking at the Jonas Brothers as much as I do (especially Nick!  But I wouldn’t turn down Joe, either), check out their new series Jonas LA. Since they’re in California, they’re living the SoCal scene by frequently being barefoot or in flip flops! How come I never run into them when they’re here? I recognize and have been to many of the locations they’re visiting. I need better timing.  😉

On another local note, the LA Gay Rag, Frontiers, posted a summer swimsuit photo op, with one pic perhaps unintentionally “feet”uring this hot models foot.  Love the position; it’s like he’s demanding I get under it!  The full spread and a cropped version of him below.  I know, I don’t have the greatest scanner.  But at least I do have one, and I’m not afraid to use it!

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