Posting New Videos!

So much going on lately, that double updates are needed!  (My morning update is below.)   As mentioned briefly before, I’ve been working on editing videos I shot nearly 4 or 5 years ago.  Having a very old, slow, and frequently crashing computer basically made that impossible at the time, but now with my new computer, it’s pretty easy!  Believe it or not, it’s the uploading that takes the time!  In any case, here’s my first entry.  Hope you enjoy, because there’s a lot more to come–18 more, to be exact.  I’ll be doling them out slowly, so you don’t all blow your wads at once.  😉

Also, I have a couple of *naughtier* videos that I’ll be uploading to XTube, and I have a new one up right now… but I’ll make you search for it a bit (although it shouldn’t be too hard to find, just look for my profile, TiedFeetGuy).

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