An unsexy, life rant post

Well, this is a blog, and while I generally keep it sexy nowadays, sometimes I just gotta vent.  Today I stopped by my work, even though I’m on vacation, because I will soon be moving offices.  I was last told that I would be moving in early September, but I have a lot of stuff to take care of, so I thought I’d move a couple of items today, and gather some files.

Imagine my surprise when I see my office in shambles, stuff moved everywhere, and items from the upcoming new occupant to my office already inside, lined up against the walls.  Since it’s a Sunday, I have no one to complain to, but I’ll have quite a bit to say to my boss tomorrow (again, during my vacation time!).  It’s kinda soured my mood for the rest of the day.  Can someone please cheer me up, or at least shut me up with a gag?  😉

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