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I’m hungry, sir!

On a small life update (some sexy, some not)… I talked to my boss (on my own vacation time, mind you) about the situation of my office.  She sounded honestly surprised, apologized, and said it would be moved back out.  I’ll also be meeting with her next week to discuss the situation.  Granted, I am supposed to be switching offices in the near future, but the new space isn’t yet ready, but my new future occupant was trying to jump claim on their space before I was finished with it–and without consulting the boss.  Ugh.

On a more sexy note, I visited the local water park today just for fun.  I’m generally not a bit fan of water parks, but I get a free pass to go once a year and don’t want it to go to waste.  And I must say, it is just TwinkWatch 2010.  And all the wet, sexy, smooth boyfeet running around definitely keep it interesting.  I think I filled an empty pool with my drool!  I may need to visit again…

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