Anyone Wanna Go Swimming? Especially with Prop 8 struck down!

The weekend is approaching… here’s a little something to make you really look forward to it.  If these guys are at the pool or beach, I’m in!

And of course, even though I’m out of town, I did hear about the Prop 8 overturn. Hooray!  For those of you not following the story in California, the quick recap is this: after a brief period where same sex marriages were declared by lower courts as legal, they were voted down in a popular vote known as Proposition 8. This Prop 8 was then challenged in our state courts, and the judge ruled yesterday in sweeping, unmistakable terms that it is unconstitutional. While our work is by no means over, this is a huge step in the right direction, and great news for the state of California.

Will Sam and I tie the knot?  (And for once, I’m not talking about bondage.)  We’ll see… I think it may be likely!  Although the when is the tricky part of the question for us.  We’d have to plan a lot.  Do you realize how extravagant gay weddings will probably be?  We just may see a bump in our state’s economy!  😉

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