Public Cum

So I’ve never had public sex.  It’s generally not something I’m into, nor do I think Sam is.  But he was out of town, and I felt a bit naughty.

First, a local history lesson.  (Stay with me, there’s a sexy payoff at the end of this post.)  There’s a great place that I like in Griffith Park (which used to be a hotbed of gay cruising–but this is not one of those spots, at least, as far as I know!  I’m a bit out of the loop) called the Old Zoo.  I believe this was the original location of the zoo from the 30’s.  The enclosures are very un-PC, being largely cages.  It was abandoned in the 60’s, but they left many of the enclosures and cages up for exploring.  It’s a relatively less visited section of the park, despite picnic benches in odd locations.

You can even go behind some of the cages and find very creepy and unsettling graffiti, trash, and God knows what else.  Some areas have been fenced off, but there are very large holes in many of the fences that are not exactly difficult to squeeze into and explore.

I did show this area to Sam once, and we did play for a bit.  But while it’s not popular, there are just enough people that come through to make actual sex kinda difficult.  Still, I was tempted to explore again on my own.  I was contemplating meeting for someone here for play one day (a certain local guy I’d like to mummify and foot torture).

Here’s some pics of the area, first.  (NOTE:  These pics are extremely large, so if you click them, they may take a bit of time to load.)

An overview of the park

A close up of one of the enclosures. What do you see if you go into the back?

This charming and creepy steep staircase.

What’s up there?

This creepy graffiti strikes you

Go past this, and you see these doorways. But they are not normal size; I believe they were meant for the animals, and are only about 3 feet high. If you were standing next to them, they’d hit your waist.  You have to squat down to get through them.

By now you’re on top of the hill.  Leave through a hole in the fence, and run into this isolated cage (or you can get to it easier via an actual public pathway up a hill).  This is where I toyed with Sam sucking me off a bit.  The door is open, you can go in!  But sadly, there are a surprising number of passerbys here, as well as an equestrian trail that goes by this, so it’s not as private as it could be. 

But go back through a different hole in the fence, down a small slope, and you run into this

Being off the main trail, this was much, much more private.  In fact, I had been to the Old Zoo before, and completely missed this the first time.  I stayed here about 20-30 minutes, and not one person came by (although I could hear people above and below me).

Why was I there 20-30 minutes?

I hope that answers your question.  And I was sniffing my getting-trashed Vans sneaker, which has been pretty smelly, considering I have been mostly free footing in it lately… including that day.  I think I was sniffing it when that happened.  I was also fantasizing about the hot, barefoot blonde college boi I had seen relaxing at the bottom of the hill.  I secretly wished he had followed me up there to help me out, but it didn’t happen.  Didn’t stop me from thinking about it, though.  🙂

It was pretty hot.  I don’t know if I’d do it again, and I don’t think Sam would… he’s pretty cautious, almost to a fault.  But who knows?   Maybe with a guy tied up next to me…

BTW, fetish trivia note… if you’re a fan of Slick It Up, you may recognize some of those scene from some of their photos!  Visit the site, click on “Suits” at the top left, and scroll down.  I’m not the only one that’s been naught there!

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