Forced Foot Worship, Today Show Feet

These pics all come from the site Master Stigma.  It’s old site that hasn’t been updated in forever, but it was new to me, and I thought it’d be nice to showcase their classic forced foot worship pics.  These slaves may not have even had a foot fetish, but when you’ve got a collar and chain on, you’re going to do what you’re told…

Swallow those toes

Come here boi

Suck that toe

Kiss it and lick my sole clean

Now to ram it all down your throat and gag on it

And, thanks to a tip from reader tiedbarefootguy (and isn’t that a great name, lol), who sent me this segment from the Today show where they talk about a flip flop clad guy and his feet just past the four minute mark. And they look pretty hot, too!

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