Grindr time

So my BF got me an iPod Touch.  He’s had an iPhone forever (he’s quite the Mac guy; I’m quite the PC guy).  I have to say, I like it quite a bit, and am fascinated by Grindr.  I had heard of it before, and even though I’m not looking for sex, I couldn’t resist trying it.  (I was also hoping I’d be able to save some of the hot pics there, which, as far as I can tell, isn’t possible.)  And wow, there are a number of hot guys around me!

But what also surprised me is a significant number of people only looking for friends and conversation.  I had basically assumed it’d be a sexpot of horny guys.  But I’ve run into a number of profiles of guys who state they already have a BF, and are just looking for conversation.  I know that can often be a euphemism, but I sense some sincerity.  Clearly, more experimenting may be in order here.

Of course, if I am in the mood for feet & bondage, I’ll post with that!  But otherwise, you may run into a guy just looking for chat, and it may actually be me!  We’ll see…

Also updated my web links page with a Bound in Jeans, who does some great work.

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