More Solo Gunge Play

Tried a bit more with gunge (that’s being slimed).  After some research, I decided to try wallpaper paste.  It’s inexpensive, and has a pretty good consistency.

I poured just a small amount on my naked torso while in the shower, and it felt pretty great.  And when you rub it in, it makes a really hot, sexy, slurpy & slimy sound, which is a total turn on.  Found out quite by accident that it doesn’t make too bad of a jerk off lube, either.  😉

After glopping myself, I laid down in the tub and poured some on my feet.  You know I had too!  I rubbed my feet in the gunge, getting it all over.  I kept rubbing all over my chest while I stroked myself, listening to that gloppy, sucking sound as it rubbed all over me.  It didn’t take too long before I gunged on myself!

As a side note, I did not pour it into my hair, or let it drip down my face… this gunging was from the neck down only.  I wasn’t sure how easily it would wash off.  It did wash off easily off my skin, and getting it out of my pubes wasn’t too hard as it turned out, so I may try it next time–when I’m alone and have a lot of time to clean up, in case it turns out harder than I thought.  😉

Also, it turns out to be a clear liquid.  Personally, I’d prefer some color, like classic green.  I did just add some food coloring to the rest, and after some vigorous shaking, it seems like it took.  When I try it, I’ll do my best to take some pics.

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