The passing of gay blogs, improvements, formspring, life, and new video!

Wow!  A lot’s been happening lately.

First off, I’m saddened that one of my favorite lycra blogs, LA Lycra, now seems to have vanished.  (I included the link on the off chance in comes back up, but you will most likely find a “Blog not found” message there.)  I had actually chatted and gotten to know the owner of the blog a bit, but we’d since lost touch.  I recently wrote him asking about this, and if I hear any updates from him, I’ll pass it along.

But there does seem to be another wave of gay google blog closures.  I hope none of my blogs get affected, but you never really know.  I did get shut down once during the 2nd wave of these closures, but fortunately at the time, they made it easy to get them up and running again.  Get more info at

If anyone has any insight as to why blogs are getting shut down again, let me know.  I was talking about it with my BF, and he suspects photo copyright violations.  I’m not so sure… if that were the case, it seems straight porn blogs would be getting shut down too.  Although they may be–I don’t follow those blogs!

On another topic, if you haven’t visited lately, is working a lot better recently.  After a few days of curious “502 Bad Gateway” errors, the site is suddenly much, much faster than ever before.  So good, in fact, that I have become mildly addicted to it again!  You may see me on there frequently.  😉

Also continuing to play with my new iPod Touch, and Grindr.  I haven’t meet up with anyone yet, and I do have to say, I’m mildly surprised at the number of guy there that aren’t there to hook up.  Many profiles state they are in relationships, and looking for friends only.  I know that’s sometimes a “scam”, but many seem sincere.  So who knows?  I’ll sometimes post as TFG for foot/bondage meets, but I’m also posting anon as meeting friends only… I do enjoy meeting new people for non-fetish stuff, too.

That said, things are still quite good with me and the BF.  Although like Margaret Cho said about one of her boyfriends, “Once the milk is free, we’ve both become lactose intolerant.”  So we’re not having sex as much as we’d like to, but not because things aren’t going well, just because we’re just too busy.  Rest assured we do enjoy each other’s company, and never tire of each other.  With my vacation (and currently, his), we’ll hopefully be making up for that lost time a bit in the next few days…

Something fun… I don’t know if any of you have any questions for me, but I thought I’d offer a Formspring option.  You can ask me any question, and I’ll answer as best I can.  Not sure if it’s going to get used or not, but it’s there if you want.  There’s a form on the sidebar, or visit the page here.  While I keep some aspects of my life private, I’m generally quite open and willing to be honest to anything you ask!

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend, all you USA readers! To reward you for all your patience in reading all my rants, here’s a new video from me. Enjoy!

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