Moving offices, Gay Days, and minor Blogger problems

Well, after years of my work threatening, I’m finally moving into a new office. You’d think new would mean nice and thought out. Well, we have the former, but not the latter. And moving offices while trying to continue your regular work schedule kinda sucks. So it’s been pretty crazy on my end.

Also, there seems to be some sort of problem with Firefox (the browser I usually use) being able to upload pics into Blogger. Fortunately, I’m able to still do so on another browser I keep around in case this sort of stuff happens, but it’s still a bit of a pain.

On a fun note, I did get to “escape” a bit by attending the Gay Days at Disneyland. As my BF and I are both Disney geeks, it’s a fun getaway. And boy, can I tell you that Grindr was working overtime that weekend!  I didn’t do anything with it, but it was fun to check people out, especially when nearly everyone was less that 200 feet away (one was even 19 feet!).  We even spent the night on property, even though we really only live about an hour away. Just to make it more fun. Also spent time with some of my BF’s friends, who also come down for the event. I’d better enjoy it now, because the work craziness returns next week, with no end in sight!

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