Teen celebs to keep an eye on

I don’t know what it is about the Disney channel… they find the hottest twinks!  I think I need a job as a casting director there.  😉

First off, we have the handsome Drake Bell from the show Drake & Josh.  It’s been on for a while, but I’m only now catching up on it.  It turns out our twinkboi has no problems getting tied and naked, too (courtesy of BoundGuysOnTV blog).

Looks like he has some nice feet, too!

Next, with the success of the Toy Story movies, attention has come to the young man who voices Andy, Mr. John Morris.

As I had watched Toy Story 3, I had though that the computer Andy has turned out rather nice.  😛  But then again, so has the real actor!

Finally, let’s not leave out Teen Nick, who is doing just as well on the boy eye candy front.  Degrassi never disappoints.  Here’s Shane Kippel and others:

And lastly, a show I ran into by accident while channel surfing, The Troop, with Nicholas Purcell.  Not many pics of him yet, but let’s hope we see more from this adorkable!

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