So the BF and I had a sexy time recently… you’ll be hearing more about it tomorrow!

As for life in general, it’s been exhausting.  Had a good time at Disneyland’s Gay Days, even though I was pretty tired throughout the event.  No action, just fun with the BF Sam and friends.  I’m pretty much moved into the new office, but as with any more, there’s always lots of little things that continue to need to be done.  It’s been pretty draining.  On the good side, many tasks are getting accomplished, but there’s still a lot to do.

Last night Sam and I hit a local amusement park for their Halloween Haunt events, which we both love.  We acquired a Front of the Line pass, and had a really good time with that, hitting many of the mazes multiple times, since we had no line!  As for today, I have a full day off, which I really need.  Sam is a bit under the weather (even prior to the Haunt stuff, but he wanted to go anyway), and having a BF who’s sick is never fun, especially when the partner is just as tired.  You know I’m exhausted when I haven’t even been having sex and/or jerking off much (although tomorrow’s story excepted).  😉

As far as Best Male Blogs, I’m no longer in the top 12, but I was still excited to be in there for a while, and was glad to be #1, even if it was short lived.  Of course, feel free to vote for me again anytime.  😉

On a side note, I may have stated before that I’m actually quite an amusement park junkie.  A new ride was announced, and I enjoyed the graphic with it.  Wish it had a better, clearer shot of his feet, but it’s fairly uncommon to see bare feet in amusment park ads (not counting water parks, of course).

Enjoy the ride!  And it being 10/10/10.

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