Using the Double Gag

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a bondage story worth writing about, but here we go!

So I believe I had mentioned I had gotten myself a double gag.  I was keeping it as a surprise for later on, when I had a specific position in mind with him, but it turns out he discovered it before I could make any plans.  As it turns out for me, my BF (Sam) is an excellent planner when it comes to new toys.  😉
Now, semi-obviously, this is a toy that implies there may be a 3rd person.  Not that I have someone in mind.  Well, okay, I do, I have lots of people in mind, but Sam is another story.  He’s harder to please, and is very concerned about his privacy.  Makes sense, and part of the reason I didn’t want to spring it on him until he had warmed up to the idea.
But, if you’re creative enough, you can play as two.  He laid me down on the bed and tied my hands behind me.  He then tied my balls up, and left two ends of rope about 3 feet long dangling.  He tied his own balls in the same way.  He then took those loose ends and tied them to the other person’s ankles, one ankle for each end.  So every movement of our feet would pull on the other person’s balls.  He then put nipple clamps on me, and on him, but he crossed his through mine, so that every chest pull would be felt by the other.  Lastly, he put on some new metal shackles on his own wrists (in the front), and locked them with a key, which he put in my hand, and told me to hold on to it.  With all this in place, he put us both in the double gag to struggle for a while.

It was quite the delight!  And although his wrists were bound, since they were in front and between us, he was able to play with both of our dicks.

After a time, he released the rope from our ankles and the nipple clamps, and then stood us up.  Our hands still bound in the same manner, he was able to play, tweak, and torment my chest and balls as he pleased.  It was interesting to be tormented by someone so nearby.  It was very controlling, and I felt owned.  But since we have a slight difference in height (he’s taller than I), I decided to try to kneel on the edge of the bed.  Instead, we both slowly ended up side by side on the bed again.  Still, he was able to work his jerking magic, and I was able to pull my feet up as if hogtied. He finally shoot first, all over my chest.  After letting the cum gush between our sandwiched chests for a bit, he wiped some of it on his hand and jerked me off with it.  But to be released, I had to wriggle the key to him, causing all the fresh cum to glue us into a sticky mess.

Okay, reality check disclaimer.  In case you were worried or concerned, Sam did state he had a back up plan for releasing us in case I lost or could not get the key to him.  I have to admit, I don’t know what that plan was, but the point is, he had one in place.  Always a good idea to plan for emergencies.

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