General Updates & Possible New Video!

Not too much to report.  The move at work, while not finished, is at a point where my new office is very functional.  So that’s alleviated a lot of stress.  Been chatting with some various fans, and it’s been great to hear from them (and get their pics!).  May actually have a possible “play date” with someone later on, we’ll see.  I’m cautiously optimistic.

On the lycra side, just discovered a great new blog called Spandexland.  More suited to my Captured Heroes blog, but I like it enough to give it some notice here, too.  I also noticed the social network site We Love Gunge seems to be down.  Granted I didn’t visit it often, but I did like the idea.  Anyone know what happened, and if there is a similar site?

Finally, I’m trying to upload an video of myself and my bound feet, but I’m using some file format that takes forever to upload, and I’ve been having some problems.  This is from an old series shot some time ago, but I’m only now uploading it to YouTube (or at least trying to).  So keep your eyes peeled and check back… if I get it to work, I’ll add a new post.  It’s a sequel to this video, of which there are five parts.

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