Day: October 23, 2010

Joe Jonas & Foot Food Smashing? Yes, it’s true!

So in the gear fetish world, the Jonas Brothers caused a bit of a stir a little while ago by appearing in latex on one of their TV shows.  I have to admit that the pics were a repost, and I had not seen the episode personally.  That changed a few nights ago.

Well, the latex segment was about what I thought it would be.  But little did I know was that in the opening scenes of that same episode, Joe Jonas steps barefoot into a plate of chili!  The camera even close ups on his bare foot smushing into the food in three quick, but fairly clear cuts.  There’s even a hint of a squashing noise.   While it’s played more for laughs, the kinkier among us can instantly find it as true celebrity food smashing porn.  Let’s put it this way… it was enough to get me hard, especially at the thought of volunteering to clean off those messy feet of his with tender loving care.  Ahem.

I haven’t had a chance to upload this to my computer, as I’m not really easily hooked up to do so, and even when I do, it may be low quality.  But I will definitely get around to it one day, so hang in there!  I’m just really surprised no one had mentioned it before (or if they have, I didn’t hear about it).

Until then, enjoy these other hot foot smashing videos–especially before YouTube takes them down.  Wanna clean off their feet?  I know I do!