Imagine you sucking on my shaft.  You’d be on all fours in front of me, wearing a dog collar, attaching a leash to it and leading you to me.  I pull your head down for you to kiss and lick my shaft.  Then I slowly force your head down on my cock, your lips slowly parting and feeling every inch of my head and shaft, until that dick is inside your mouth, gagging.  But I make you take it, ramming your mouth.  When you’ve got my meat wet and slick, I’ll push my smelly feet into your face for a good thorough cleaning.  You’ll suck on my toes, first one at a time, and then I’ll force you to lick between each toe, getting all my foot funk on your tongue.  And then I’ll rub my spit covered feet all over your face, and you will thank me for the privilege.

Then I’ll stand up, but you’ll stay on your knees.  I’ll start whacking off, and I’ll pull your face into my crotch and put my balls in your mouth to chew and gag on as I jerk off.  And just before I cum, I’ll make you kneel there in front of me with your mouth open, and I’ll shoot my load into your mouth.  You’ll want to spit it out, but I’ll cover your mouth and nose and make you swallow it.  Then you’ll thank me, and I’ll push you down flat to the floor on your stomach, my foot on the back of your head.  And you’ll thank me again.

I’ll allow you to turn over onto your back, still lying on the floor, and if you beg me, I’ll let you jerk off.  But as you do, I’ll put my sock in your mouth, and then press my shoe over your face with my feet.  You’ll ask me permission to cum, and when I finally let you, you shoot all over your stomach.  I’ll rub my feet in your cum, pull you up by your dog collar leash, and have you clean your nasty cum off my feet until I am satisfied.  And you’ll thank me again.

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