Web news – UPDATE

UPDATE:  If you look at the link to dreamcaps, it seems a another website shut them down for copyright infringement.  That seems to be the gist of it.  Hopefully this will get worked out.  Also, gotta mention that Guyz in Bondage seems to be down again.  That site always seems to have problems.  Anyone know what’s happening with it?

Well, most seem to be disappointed with the new feet.tv, and I can’t say I blame them.  Since my initial post, it seems pretty clear they tagged onto alt.com.  Now, I do see their reasoning for it.  But the big hurdles that need to be overcome is that first of all, the feet guys need to be separated out.  I really don’t want to wade through unrelated profiles (and women!) to get to my feet fellows.  Secondly, I think at least viewing profiles should be free, or at least view a limited number per day for free.  Give us a sample and let us play around with the site a bit, even if in limited numbers, before asking for monthly payments.

I personally think the way GearFetish and Recon handle this is a fair compromise.  You can do certain things for free, but if you want more, pay for it.  I’ve been a free member of both for a while, and now that I know their system and know I enjoy it, I may be thinking of an upgrade.  That’s how you do it, not as for a payment for a site you’re not even sure if you’ll like.

I’m hoping they’ll get some of these tech kinks worked out over time.  And I’ll give them some time.  But if nothing’s changed after a while, I’ll give up on it.  There’s a good thread about this and some interesting insight from a former moderator on Footbuddies… this may be a good time to reconnect with people over there!

Also, it seems dreamcaps.org is down for a bit.  Not sure why, but Superherofan lists http://dreamcaps.yuku.com/ as an alternate address.  Hopefully it’ll return soon.

As far as my life goes, it has been an extremely busy work time, and I’m pretty exhausted.  And the BF’s been out of town on business.  It’ll be good to see him again!  Fortunately, things slow down a bit next week, and I have the week after that off, so I’ll hopefully be able to relax around then.  On a side note, I ordered something for myself that would be a nice little present.  Hopefully, it’ll work out… I’ve tried to order this before, but apparently the item is more rare than I thought.  It’s not bondage related, but it is fetish related.  Well, to me, anyway.  If it works, I’ll definitely share it with you guys!

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