Life, Joe Jonas Foot Gunge, & Smallville Abuse

Been very busy at work, but I finally have a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, so that should help me rest and recoup a bit–although I have some very big projects due the week after we return from the break, so I will be trying to get a head start on them a bit during this break.  My BF had been out of town for a while on business, and while he was there, he suffered some sort of urinary tract infection, is now on antibiotics, and cannot do any sort of CBT whatsoever for at least a month.  He will be fine in time, so it’s just some waiting in the meanwhile.

But what’s this about a Joe Jonas Foot Gunge?  Believe me, I was surprised when I caught it, too.  I do watch from time to time for the mindless eye candy, so imagine my surprise when I ran across this beauty, and my even bigger surprise to see the video posted HQ from Disney itself!  At around 0:34, you see Joe barefoot (and his pit, if you’re into that sort of thing), and most importantly to me, at 0:43-1:08, you see him plant his barefoot into a plate of chilli, smashing and gunging it into his foot.  Caps first, then you can see the short, but somehow very sexy part (I can’t deny, I get hard) yourself.

I volunteer to clean it off!  Yum!

You also be interested to know that later on in that same episode, the three brothers are seen in latex.  Now, since one of the guys (Nick, in red) was technically underage at the time of the episode, I won’t post it here… but I will tell you that if you double click the video above, and find Part 2/2 of this same video, you’ll be rewarded.  Keep in mind there’s nothing sexual about it… it’s clearly played for laughs.  But make of it what you will.  This is from the official Disney YouTube page. Nice of them to make this available to us, ain’t it? 😉

And it’s been posted quite a bit already, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it here, too.  I’m not really all that into the TV show Smallville, but they have been uping the eye candy bondage quotient quite a bit lately.  There’s more floating around the web, try Superherofan for more!  Between this and some Legend of the Seeker episodes, there’s quite a bit of kinky stuff going on mainstream TV anymore?

Bound, wet, and barefoot… hot damn!

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