TFG Arm Binders

It’s been a while since I’ve posting anything with me in it, hasn’t it?  Most posts of me are now on my Captured Heroes blog (where I post something of myself every Saturday), as it tends to involve some sort of lycra anymore.  But this one is just good ole’ bondage.

On a trip to San Francisco my BF Sam and I took a while back, we visited the famous Mr. S store.  I had been in the one in LA before it closed down, but had never been to the original.  It’s quite an experience!  Great selection, and a great sense of community.  Not all the guys there are my type, but I totally respect them.

In any case, we bought some arm binders (and some other toys with us from home), and had fun in the hotel room!  I got to wash some of my own socks, too… in my mouth, that is.  Enjoy!

If I run any other sets of me, it’ll be on Saturdays… so keep an eye out for TFG weekends!  Also, did a minor update to the Links page.

Also, if you remember the spandex/lyrca blog LA Lycra (that was taken down by blogger), you’ll be happy to know the author has begun SC Spandex (named for where he is now living, South Carolina).  I did add him to my Captured Heroes blogroll, since it’s more related there.  Go visit, you won’t be sorry!  And tell him I sent you.  😉

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