Types of slaves

Ah, what a great Thanksgiving break.  I think I only wore two pairs of socks for the entire week.  Believe it or not, but vacation times are the only opportunities I get to wear the same socks repeatedly.  I can’t get away with it at work, unfortunately.

In a sudden good mood, let’s get interactive for the first time in a long while, shall we?  Today’s post was inspired by the following pic:

Even tied up, this desperate slut has to smell that shoe.  He must want it real bad, and he looks very happy that he’s able to serve his master, bound like the whore he is.  Which got me to thinking… there seem to be two different kinds of slaves.  The subservient and willing slaves, who know their place…

I love the eager look in his eyes.  He’s ready to submit to whatever his master wants.

“Yes, sir.”
“Please hit me again, sir.”

Then again, some are fighters, disobedient, and try to resist the punishments they deserve.  They get what’s coming to them, and more than they ever expected.

“I’ll never do that.  Never.”
“Let me go!”

“Don’t fucking touch me!  Get that gag away… mmmmrrrggghhmmppp…”

“Stop hurting me!”

“Fuck off!”

Which kind of slave do you prefer?

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