Desperately Seeking Spidey Shoes & TFG Foot Video

So the holidays are coming up… and both I and my BF have been trying to find this hot little item that combines my love of feet and Spiderman.  It’s a Nike Dunk Spiderman shoe, and is apparently quite rare.

Now, if you google/bing this, lots of various vendors show up.  But most are sold out, even if they don’t state so on their website.  In fact, most of the websites seem to be variations of the same company in China, as far as I can tell.  And they’ve been extremely problematic to deal with, including:  telling me they have it, taking my money, and then saying it’s out of stock.  Great.
If anyone knows of any place I can actually get a pair (Men’s 8 US) from a respectable source, I would be forever grateful.  I’ll send you a pair of my used socks after wearing them in these shoes for a while!  Seriously!  So get to hunting, slaves of mine…  contact me or comment when you found them.

If you still need a little more incentive, here’s something that should help.  I’ve been able to convert some of my old videos. I had posted the video below to YouTube, but they took it down. So I’ll be posting them to XTube instead.  In any case, imagine these puppies of mine squirming and sweating barefooted inside those shoes!

There’s quite a few more of these coming, so stay tuned!

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