Can you help me with my tree?

There was a lot of wood with my tree…

So the BF and I went out to get a Christmas tree today.  And we were assisted by a strapping young man who looked like he could have been Taylor Lautner’s brother.  Down to the jeans, black ribbed tank, plaid overshirt, and sexy eyes (and eyebrows, which is what can really do me in).  Needless to say, we deliberated about our tree for quite a while.  Even my BF, who is not as easily swayed by the twinks types as I am, wasn’t complaining.  😉

Oh, and remember how I was looking for those Spiderman sneaks in my post last week?  Well, cross those toes… there’s a small chance I may have actually found a pair.  If it actually happens (and I’ve already had it fall through on me three times at various other websites, so I’m not exactly holding my breath here–but there are some signs of hope), I’ll pass the site along.

In other news, still have one more week of work to go, but it’s a pretty low key one… and then a well-earned vacation.  But the big surprise for me is the number of reader contributions suddenly coming my way.  Over the last week or so, I’ve received quite a few quality pics!  Now, some of them are more lycra related, and will be posted on my Captured Heroes blog, but a good number will work here, too.  So look forward to some original reader content in the upcoming week, with a very cool guest appearance later on… but I won’t tell!

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