Early Christmas for me!


I got my gift early, and it wasn’t from my BF… it was from me!  Okay, it wasn’t intended that way, I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and it just happened to arrive in time for the holidays.  I didn’t want to say, because I wasn’t sure if it was really going to go through or not, but I finally found the Spidey shoes!  Now, truth be told, I suspect they may be Chinese knockoffs.  But if they are, they’re pretty darn good.  If you’re a shoe fiend, then they may not make the cut, but as a casual shoe fan, they worked for me!  I got ’em for the design, not the authenticity.  They came in the Nike box, look and smell new, and have the Nike logo embroidered in the back.  The only minor complaint I have:  the lines of the black webbing on the red Spidey fabric are a bit fainter than they look in the picture.  But the white webbing design against the black fabric looks just about as good as the pic

The black lines on the red fabric aren’t quite as vivid as they look on the shoe on the right… the one on the left is a bit more accurate.

I actually ordered two pairs, since it was so difficult to find a site that actually had them.  I didn’t want to go through it all again in case something happened while wearing them.  (Before I found this site, I actually had to dispute charges with two other websites.  One was more compliant with the refund, but the other I ultimately had to take up with my credit card company.  It was a mess.)  Plus, the price wasn’t too bad, either.  I also ran across one other site that claimed to have some in stock (well, at least in my size, Men’s US 8–ask specificly for your size, just to double check.  I’d also advise using sites that pay with PayPal.  While they’re not my favorite e-commerce site, they do make it very easy to get your money back should it be necessary to do so.  Anyway, the site I used was based in China, and it was this one.  Another also said they had it, so you could try here as well, although keep in mind I didn’t actually order from them, they just responded (in the affirmative, but slowly) to my email inquiry asking if they had any in stock.  Plus, they were more expensive.

In other news, earlier this week Sam (the BF) and I saw Kathy Griffin live in concert.  She’s a ball of energy, and her act was a bit uneven, but I still like seeing her, because it’s like visiting an old friend with crazy stories.  Plus, her act went on for 2 1/2 hours, so we got our monies worth!  Even better still, all the proceeds to her show went to support the Trevor Project, which is very cool.  In case you don’t know, they provide support to suicidal gay teens.

In personal life news, it’s been a bit of a bummer in the sense the Sam and I are alternating being sick, with him being more sick than I, lately.  Between that and our general busy schedules, it has made it a bit difficult to find some playtime; indeed, we had a couple weeks there where nothing happened on that front.  I know, it’s like we’re a real married couple!  😉  But recently, he felt just well enough that we were able to sneak in a short play session, where I dommed him–something I don’t do too often (I’m more of a sub), but have been in the mood for lately.  It was nothing extraordinary, but since I don’t dom all that often, it was still pretty hot.

Basically, I hogtied him on the bed, on his side, and then laid down on the bed next to him, my sexy underwear in his face.  I made him massage my cock and balls with his mouth, lips and tongue.   After getting my underwear nice and wet with his slave spit, I took them off and face fucked him as I tweaked his nips.  I eventually allowed one of his hands free to jerk himself off, but I told him he had to cum with my dick in his mouth, and that my dick wouldn’t leave his mouth until he came.  He complied in buckets!  Then I sat over his face and had him suck my balls as I jerked off onto his chest, our cum gunging together.  😉

Hope you liked that!  By the way, I also hope you enjoyed the week of reader pics.  I’m totally stoked to be getting so much great, original content from you guys.  Keep ’em coming, so I can cum too!  😉

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