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“I had the strangest dream that all these hands were all over me, and I was tied up and couldn’t move a muscle…”

“Yawn… thank goodness it was just a dream…. whaaaa…”

Well, this is no dream… I’ve been running into some great new blogs!  Probably my new favorite is Bound and Gagged Men, from the owner of Captured Guys, featuring outtakes and never before seen pics from his work over the years.  Totally hot, and it’s always fun to get behind the scenes commentary.  Also new to me is Barefoot Dudes blog, brought to you from Blake, the guy who used to live in Utah, and is now residing in Hawaii.  I know, tough life!  He’s had many blogs before, and loves his feet.  And lastly, while, it’s no means new, I thought I should mention Sleazy Faggots.  The owner, Jack has been a great supporter of this blog, and it’s long time I returned the favor.  Thanks!  You can find all these in my two blogrolls on the right.

In website news, it seems there’s a new foot video site called FootBroadcast.  I haven’t had a chance to sign up and add any of my own yet, but it’s something I’d like to do soon.  Go visit!

And hey, I recently noticed my blog is in the top 12 again at Best Male Blogs!  That was a bit of a surprise.  I was excited to be voted #1 for a brief time in September, but after a week, I fell out.  I didn’t know I had snuck back in there.  If you like what you see here, please vote for me!

Did a slight rearrangement of my labels… any post that has original content from me (be in pics, stories, video, etc.) just has the “tfg” tag.  So look for that now.

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