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TiedFeetGuy:  “Put on that collar.”
Boi:  “Yes, sir.”
TiedFeetGuy:  “Now, that means you’re mine, and you do what you’re told, slut.  Take off your shirt and put those leather wrist restraints on.  Nice and tight.  Pinch those nipples a bit.  You like that, don’t you?”
Boi:  “Yes, sir.  It hurts, sir.  Please, sir.”
TiedFeetGuy:  “Please, what?”
Boi:  “Please, more, sir.”
TiedFeetGuy:  “Good little faggot whore.  Now pull down your pants and clamp your balls and cock.  You’re going to be staying hard for a while.  And send me a picture.”
Boi:  “No sir, please.  It’s embarrassing.”
TiedFeetGuy:  “Do it, slave.  I want to see that hard cock of yours.”
Boi:  “Yes sir…”

For the record, the above is totally fictitious.  I just found this pic randomly online, and it just inspired me to write a mini story about it.  In real life, I don’t post anything that’s sent to me, or pics I take personally, without permission.  Really.  But writing the story was too fun to resist.

In other news… it seems the site Guyz in Bondage is back up and running (sorta) after a long hiatus.  I say “sorta” because it may still have problems logging on time to time.  Based on a recent post, it seems their host tried to make the site a pay site without warning.  Seems they (as well as other sites on the same host) complained enough, and it seems to be back and still free.  So go visit if you haven’t already!

And in the spirit of treating myself for the holidays, I finally got a month long membership to Bound Guys to see more pics of Tynan, Zac, and others, as well as a premium Recon membership.  It’s been nice to see the pics!  And being a good and honorable guy, I’m not going to be posting tons of stuff from them.  (When I do post pics from their site, it’s stuff I found on the net in general, and even then I try to post a lot from a single set.)  After all, they gotta make a living, and if I had to pay, so do you.  But I can say that I’m not disappointed with the Bound Guys pics so far.  I didn’t realize they posted so many feet pics!  Looks like I’ll be online for a while…

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