Ad Men, It’s the thought that counts (I guess)

So I’m with my BF’s family for post-holiday gifts. Sam’s Mom gives us socks.  Not only socks, but socks that “wick away odor. Your feet will never smell again.” We thank her, and soon as she steps away, I poke Sam in the chest and whisper sternly to him, “You can never wear these socks when I’m around.”

He admitted on the way home that he fought to keep a straight face. Well, she meant well. 😉  Just thought you would all get a kick out of that.
Onto today’s post, a bit of nostalgia.  Long ago, before the internet (and yes, there was a time in my life where there was no internet), as a young teen, I used to peruse the models in the Sunday newspaper ads for Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Target, etc.  These are guys from clothing ads, and they’re still hot.  Especially when barefoot!  And it brings me back to my childhood.  😉

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