So F*ing Hot, Naughty Gifts Revealed

The idea of this bondage position turns me on so much, I felt it warranted it’s own posting.  Damn, do I love being mummified… suspended on top of that gets me so hard, it’s unbelievable… I think I gotta meet LondonRopeTop one day.  😛

By the way, I totally forgot to mention the *naughty* gifts I got from my BF.  First off, this leather body harness.
And, as I’m into CBT, he got me this ball crusher from Mr. S.

Due to our travel schedules, we haven’t had a chance to use either yet, but we plan on it!  Although the ball crusher may be tough for me… I actually have very small, high hanging balls that can actually make ball play pretty difficult with me.  It can often be a struggle to get a simple ball parachute on me, they can slip off at the smallest setting!  So let’s cross our fingers that we’ll get it to work on me.

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