TFG Long Term Sleepsack

Happy New Year all!  Thought I’d start 2011 with a new post from me.  (Thanks to reader GINES for making and sending me the above pics!)

I love me my sleepsack.  I was definitely in the mood for it recently, and I got it.  Now, usually, my BF and will incorporate various bondage positions in one session, but on this night, we just stayed with the one.  It was only about an hour, but for me, that’s fairly long term in one position (okay, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to long term bondage).

So once strapped in, Sam tied down the sleepsack as you see.  I really could hardly move at all.  I was leather plug gagged underneath that lycra hood, and he had also shoved a rancid sock of mine that had been worn for three days in a row in my smelliest shoe, and then had been left out overnight so that it got hard and crusty, inside the hood and over my nose, and then just left me there while he worked in his home office next door.  Every once in a while he’d come in, unzip a bit just to fondle my hard dick for a bit, and then put it back, zip up, and return to his office.  It was really hot being his slave toy.

Eventually, he jerked me off with the Tenga.  For me, cumming in that is an intense experience, although I’m not sure why.  But it was pretty great.

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