Face plant, New Foot Site–MaleFootLover!

“Stomp hard on his face and don’t let him come up for air.  Let’s bury his face in our feet in 3…. 2….”

By the way, I’ll be out of town again for the rest of the week. Sam and I are taking one last quick vacation before work kicks back in. But I’ll keep the posts going in my absence.

Something to amuse yourself while I’m away… there is a new foot social network that is fast becoming the *new* feet.tv.  It’s called malefeetlover, and while the opening page isn’t too promising (well, it isn’t to me, anyway), the contents within are not too bad!  And a lot of feet.tv people have migrated that way.  So give it a try, and let’s see where it goes!  Oh, did I mention it’s free?

And in case you’re wondering what’s the deal with the poll, see my post from Sunday, No Anal.  The results so far have been pretty surprising to me!

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