Should I get a Facebook?

I’m not really a Facebook fan.  In my personal life, I don’t really like being “found” online.  I’d rather just chat with the people I want to, and not just add any random or peripheral person who barely knows me.

I do have one Facebook profile for work purposes, and after a long time, I finally made one for myself, so I can connect with select friends and family.  But did so under a fake name, so that only those I choose can find me.  I have under 20 friends, and I like it that way.

But I have debated about getting one for my fetish side.  Should I pursue it?  I sort of feel like having a blog is enough for me to say what I want (especially since I can post *naughty* pics here).   And I still wouldn’t be able to post any face pics, since I’d have to be careful about my work.  But I also sometimes feel like it’d be nice to be able to connect with other deves out there.  Would you want to be my Facebook friend?  Comment me and let me know!

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